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Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigs or vapes are fast becoming the preferred option when it comes to smoking. There are less-harmful than the tobacco type and are also available in different brands. You also don’t have to inhale nicotine since there are types that contain zero nicotine. This not only makes the vape pens more convenient and user-friendly but also safer.


Nonetheless, one thing that has been making headlines since they were introduced into the market is there cost. People always wonder whether this form of cigarette is cheaper or more costly than the normal cigarettes. In fact, before switching or purchasing e-cigs many people look at the cost of vaping. This entails factoring the cost of buying the kit, price of refill (e-juice), as well as maintenance cost.

Just like the ordinary tobacco cigarettes, people want a similar or better experience. The “high” should be better, the cigarette should be easy to use, and there should be many varieties. But, this doesn’t mean a person digging deeper into their pockets. I mean, the cost of smoking is already high thanks to the rising cost of living. This explains why people are always comparing different brands as well as reading reviews. So, are electronic cigarettes cheaper than tobacco cigarettes?

When comparing the price of normal and e-cigs, we normally look at the long-term cost. Though there are some people who may vape or smoke once out of curiosity, truth is smoking or vaping is usually a habit and its highly-unlikely that a person will smoke once or two times. Usually, people will intend to smoke regularly and over a long period of time.

The cost analysis takes into account the cost of purchase as well and maintaining the habit; for instance, buying lighters or matches, refilling the gas lighter, replacing the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, buying a replacement kit, purchasing the flavors or e-liquid and more. Unlike the usual e-cigs, the disposable type is similar to the traditional tobacco cigarette. They are used once then disposed off.

The initial cost of purchasing electronic cigarettes is normally higher than tobacco cigarettes. You need to buy the entire kit which consists of the atomizer, cartridge, rechargeable battery, charger, holding/storage case, as well as the e-liquid (e-juice). On the other hand, you only need to buy a pack of tobacco cigarettes, a match box or gas lighter. The price of a kit ranges from $20 up to $145 while a pack of tobacco cigarettes only goes for between $5 and $15 with the average being $7. The average price of disposable vape is about $9.5.

A normal cigarette will offer you about 10 puffs within 5 to 10 minutes and a pack contain 20 cigarettes. Taking $7 as the average cost you will spend approximately $2500 annually. Disposable vapes don’t come with a battery, charger, and don’t require replenishment. However, they are a bit costly due to the cartridge. A single cigarette is equivalent to 2.5 packs of tobacco cigarette. And taking the average price of $9.50, you will spend about $1,387 each year. The rechargeable kit costs between $25 and $145, the cost of cartridges for the entire year is $605. Alternatively, you can buy liquid refills at a price of $42 monthly or $516 annually. Total cost averages between $600 and $800.

Looking at the above comparison it is clear that the cost of electronic cigarettes is much lower than tobacco cigarettes.

Now that you know the real value of e-cigarettes and the real cost of tobacco, it's time to take the first step and switch to vaping or quit smoking altogether. If you're not sure where to begin, we recommend starting out by reading reviews on the top e-cig brands such as V2 Cigs, Blu Cigs, NJOY, or Green Smoke. Here's a very in-depth and well written V2 Cigs review that gives you a lot of information about all the different starter kits V2 Cigs carries and it's written in a simple enough style that can be understood easily by anyone who is new to the world of vaping.

Phoenix, Arizona tends to be very vape friendly cities. You have to realize that Arizona is a very friendly state for smokers in general. This is true for people that are trying to wean themselves off of nicotine cigarettes, with the usage of the vaporized options. You are going to want to know that people have a free spirit streak in them. You can certainly explore a number of great options for e-cigarettes in the Flagstaff area as well.

ecigs airports map

You would assume that the St. Louis airport tends to have a very care free attitude when it comes to smoking, but the truth of the matter is that many of these cities are still trying to crack down on different things in hopes of being known as a city that really cares about the world of public health.

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You are going to find a number of outlets in the Phoenix airport that end up being used in a pro e-cigarette situation. You can find a lot of people that are looking for a way to relax before they get on a flight. The flight can be tied to an extremely expensive business trip that may be quite stressful. You certainly do want to use an e-cigarette when and where you can do so.

The city of Chicago may be a place where you go on a number of stressful business trips, but the city officials are definitely anti-smoking when it comes to their overall approach. You do see public health officials beginning to create a lot of laws in the city of Chicago that aren't based upon facts, you do see a lot of them simply taking an anti-industry position right off the bat.

You will find that a lot of the staff members at different airports are starting to grow accustom to the use of the different e-cigarettes. The staff members needs to know that the vaporized options are a lot safer and do not lead to a heavy amount of secondhand smoke. This means that all sides involved tend to be very happy with the situation, particularly if you know that all sides understand the science of the e-cigarettes.

There tends to be a lot of stressful situations in the city of Detroit right now. You have to be able to smoke and relax from time to time in order to deal with that stress. You should see the staff at the airport taking it easy on someone that is clearly stressed out at the airport. You have to be able to look at the Newark airport and wonder why they don't have more pro-smoking policies. A lot of great innovators in history have come up with ideas as they were smoking a cigarette. The next great, young innovator can come up with a wonderful idea when you are hanging out in the Newark airport.

E-cigarettes are going to be a pleasant alternative in the Moline airport, one of the smaller airports where you happen to be in more of a confined space.